Women with a bigger chest are often thought of as attractive by several men, but that comes with some extra weight, causing stress on your body. Large breasts can affect your posture significantly, which is not a good thing for the curvature of your spine. In the end, you start experiencing back pains and much discomfort.

Luckily, there are a variety of bras that work just perfect in solving the problem. These bras keep your breasts in place even when you’re involved in vigorous activities while helping you to maintain a good posture at the same time. The result is reduced tension on your neck, shoulders, and back.

Below are some of the types best known to be effective in reducing back pains:

  1. No sag bra

Having big breasts is not even a problem. The problem intensifies if they are sagging, exerting an unwanted force on your back, which is when you will start noticing that the condition is not getting any better. A no-sag bra is designed with a non-stretching, strong fabric that holds your breasts firmly in place.

The wide back, reinforced frame, and thick straps all work together to give your spinal area the much-needed support and comfort.

  2. High Racerback Bra

Are you bothered by bra straps that keep on sliding off your shoulders? You can solve that by getting a high racerback bra, whose straps pass over the collarbone region, not the arms. With such a back support bra, your breasts are held steadily, minimizing any unnecessary movement that may stress your back.

In addition to that, your back will benefit a lot from the side support panels that come with racerback bras, maintaining a better posture which goes a long way in getting rid of back pain.

  3. Longline Bra

This is grouped among the best bras that can correct your posture so effectively. It extends down towards your belly and torso and has side support slings that are known to offer better support compared to your regular bra. For women with large breasts, this type should be a good choice since it provides additional support while distributing the weight of your boobies.

  4. Full support bra

The full support bra is a type that stays true to its name, providing maximum coverage for your breasts. That’s not even as catchy as the full support you get from using such a type of bra. You can say goodbye to your back pains especially if big or sagging breasts are the ones causing it.

  5. Sheer Bra

This type uses fancy materials such as tulle, Chantilly lace, satin, and others that will expose a little bit of skin. You don’t have to worry about the exposed skin though. The experience you have when wearing this type of bra will make your back pains reduce a great deal, due to the support and comfort offered.

  6. Low back bra

If you feel like wearing an open back dress, and at the same time require good support to reduce back pains, don’t worry, there’s a solution. A low back bra has no straps that would obstruct low back dresses, at the same time firmly holding up your breasts. In addition, a low back bra is perfect for anyone with heavy breasts that contribute to back pain.


In summary

Even though your choice of bras does not exactly cause back pains, what you choose to wear can significantly impact your posture which matters a lot as far as reducing or eliminating such pain is concerned. The above-discussed types of bras will go a long way in giving you comfort that will help improve your daily posture so that you get rid of that stubborn back pain.

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