Do you have a problem of hair fall? Have you gone through an oily scalp that will cause much hair loss? Well, many of you face these problems. Not only women but also men have gone through this kind of problems and even they don’t know how to get rid of it.

The problems mainly start with dirt and dandruff. We all have to go out for our work and other stuff. But there can be other reasons to have this hair loss problem. Moreover, greasy hair also creates many problems with the hair. It surely gets greasy when you are having dirty hair. Even it also gets oily for some people when you keep washing it. Besides, dandruff causes a lot of problems to your hair including hair loss.

No matter what your problem is, you can get rid of it. But first, you should know the symptoms and reasons why and how it causes. If you find out the reason then you can easily get rid of oily scalp and hair loss problem with some easy processes. Let’s see what the processes are.


Methods of avoiding oily scalp and hair loss problem

There are a lot of processes and techniques to get rid of the hair loss problem and greasy hair too. Most of them are natural and easy. Take a look at those and check which process can help you accurately.

1. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar works like magic to your hair. Sometimes fungus found in some of your scalps and it’s totally natural. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to kill the fungus and also reduces dandruff. It is also good and natural for oily scalp.

For use, take a bowl of water and add some spoons of apple cider vinegar to it. Mix it well. Then apply this mixture to your hair scalp and massage evenly for some time. Apple Cider Vinegar has acetic acid which balances the pH level of your hair. It also can reduce hair loss, breakage and split end of your hair. So, you can definitely use this one to get an amazing result.

2. Egg yolk hair mask

Egg yolk contains sulfur which can reduce dandruff and also greasy hair. That’s why it can reduce hair fall as well as oily hair scalp. Moreover, it has protein and lecithin which strengthens your hair and gives it a silky and shiny texture.

All you should do is to simply beat the egg yolk and add honey and tea tree oil (you can use olive oil instead) and mix it very well. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off well after that. You can use a shampoo with a good fragrance so that the bad smell of the egg goes away.

3. Use Aloe Vera

How to get rid of oily scalp and hair lossAloe Vera contains a lot of rich nourishment ingredients that can soften your hair scalp and give it a nice smooth texture. It can also reduce the greasiness of the scalp. It also controls sebum production of the hair.

For use, take Aloe Vera leaf and simply peel off the skin to get the gel. Apply this gel to the scalp as well as hair strands and leave it for some minutes. It has an amazing quality that can soften your hair and reduce hair fall problems. You can try this out as this is quick and easy to use.

4. Yogurt

We all know that yogurt is a good remedy for dry and weak hair. It can reduce damage and give the hair a natural shine. If you have greasy hair or other hair problems, a yogurt hair mask can solve all of these.

It has a probiotic bacterium that helps in nourishing the hair and gives your hair the natural pH level which you had before. It can reduce dandruff and other fungal and bacterial problems. It hydrates the scalp of your hair and prevents greasy and sticky hair. Use this yogurt with any kind of hair pack and see the results.

5. Tea tree oil for oily hair

You might think, “How can oil remove oil from hair?” But trust me, this is POSSIBLE! Tea tree oil can do this thing because it contains anti-fungal and antiseptic ingredients that cut down the natural sebum and oil production.

By applying tea tree oil, you can get dandruff-free hair. That’s how the problem of hair loss and hair damage is being solved easily. The other benefit of using this oil is it can condition your hair. That’s why you can get smooth and glossy hair by using this. Try this out and get the oil-free, silky hair.

6. Make dry shampoo for instant use

You can make dry shampoo for easy use. This can prevent hair damage, hair loss and also oily hair. The DIY dry shampoo is made of arrowroot powder and some drops of essential oil. As it is a dry, powder-like shampoo, it can prevent greasiness of your hair.

This will be a great one for instant use. It is an essential DIY shampoo especially when you are in a hurry. For easy use, take the powder shampoo and apply all over the scalp. Then, brush it off well. This will turn your hair into a grease-free and smooth hair. You can wash it off when you’re done.

7. Eat healthy foods

Eating good food is essential. This is the most important thing you can ever do. It is because if you won’t eat well, you can’t get the effective use of these methods, no matter whatever you do. That’s why you should keep yourself in a balanced diet for your own health and also your hair.

Eat lots of fish, seafood and vegetables. It is because it contains omega-3 which helps to good hair growth and gives them a complete shine. Lastly, drink lots of water. This is the most effective way to keep your skin, body and also hair to look good and fresh. So, try to keep these things in mind.


Final Thoughts

No matter what product and what method you apply, if you won’t be careful of your own self, you can’t be able to get the perfect hair which you want. Take care of your body and have a good meal every day. You should take a balanced diet for yourself. A balanced diet isn’t mean that you only eat to lose your weight but to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

No one will take care of you if you don’t take care of yourself. So, you must keep it in mind and have to be careful of yourself. Eat healthily, keep yourself healthy, apply those methods and get the preferable hair that you actually want!

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