Do you want a better lip fillers? Do you want it to stay longer? If you want then this is the right place for you.

Basically, after Botox or any kind of lip filling process, it will stay six months to two years. It is based on the metabolism rate of your body. So, it can stay according to your structure of the body. So, according to this, you have to take the suitable lip fillers. And if you do it, it will naturally last long.

The common thing of this modern world which most of the people try is lip fillers or Botox. Though results of these cosmetic or non-cosmetic surgeries are vary from person to person, the limited time of the lip fillers stay according to the structure of the skin of lips. But you can keep your dermal fillers last longer if you are a bit concerned. You have to be careful of some things to get e better filled lips which can last longer.

So, let’s do a check about some steps which you should take for the better and last longer lips.

Steps you should take to make lip fillers last longer

Taking the right step to make your lip fillers last longer is important. Because, if you won’t do that, your lip fillers won’t look good. Your lips won’t look natural. And it also won’t last longer. And if it doesn’t last long, it is no use of taking such a lip filler process and look ugly. So, let’s check the methods which can absolutely change YOU!

1. Know your lip anatomy

First, you have to know what a lip should look like. Your lips should be only in the center, not all over. The bottom lip will always be the bigger than the top lip. Make sure you choose a professional doctor or a surgeon to help you out of this. Thus, you can get a better size of a lip. And it will last longer too.

2. Maintain the aftercare routine

How to make lip fillers last longerTo finish the full surgery of lip fillers is not so long. It is a short term process. But it has some aftercare routine which you should follow. It is so important to follow this. Because, if you won’t do that, your lips won’t  look nice. And you can face many problems. Sometimes, your lips go swelling very quickly. So, that’s why it is an obvious thing to maintain the aftercare advices.

You should be careful about your daily working and eating habit. You should not take any exercise for 24 hours after the lip surgery. You also avoid alcohol after the surgery. If you won’t follow these rules, your lips might get swelled easily. So, make sure you can be very strict to your aftercare routine.

3. Skin care

Maintaining a balanced skin care is very important. It is even more important when you are on lip fillers. When you are done with your lip fillers, you have to be careful about hydrating your lips often. And for this, you have to take sufficient amount of water. It will moisturize your skin and make your lip fillers last longer.

There are also some products of lip fillers including toxins. Daily skin care routine will help you to make the toxins last longer. And that’s how the filled lips will also last longer as well. So, in that way, taking skin care activities seriously is important to make your lips look perfect.

4. Change your exercise habit

If you were taking exercises on a regular basis, you have to change this habit after your lip fillers. Because the duration of lip fillers depends on the metabolism of your body. Sometimes, fillers come out easily for the metabolism rate of the body. So, for maintaining this, you have to change the regular habit of taking exercises.

You can take exercises after some months of the lip filling process. Taking exercise after the process will ruin your lips and it won’t look good at all. That’s why you should take time for some months and then you can take exercises regularly. It will be much better for your lips. Thus, your lips look more amazing and it will last more than before.

5. Having healthy eating habit

Create a healthy eating habit is like a gem to the body. You will find results according to your eating habits. If you take packaged and junk food often, your metabolism rate will be decreased and it will create inflammation to your body. Thus, your lip fillers won’t stay long.

So that, you should create a good habit of eating vegetables, sufficient amount of oil and sugar. You can also have whole grains, vitamins and proteins. It is so good to increase your health. And last but not the least, drink a lot of water. By doing these things, you can get an wonderful lips and your lip fillers will stay longer.

6. Keep calm

Calmness is something which will create an wonderful change to your body. In a normal situation, stress is not good. It is even more dangerous when you are on your fillers. If you stress more, your body create an extra cortisol stress hormone and other stress hormones. And this is very bad for your health. For producing this kind of hormones, your lip fillers will come off quickly and it will go bad as well.

So stay calm. If you face this stress problem often, you can try meditation. It will work like magic. Otherwise, you can do yoga as well. It can calm you. So, your body won’t create stress hormones. And because of that, your lip fillers automatically stay longer.

7. Maintain treatments

Maintaining appointments is another important thing to be concerned. You have to take top-ups in case of your health. Besides, if you want your lip fillers last longer, you have to attend all those appointments regularly. It will improve your lips and and that’s how fillers will last longer on your lip.

But if you take this regularity lightly, your lip will be damaged. It won’t stay longer as well. So, for this reason, you have to take this issue seriously to get a good filling lips.

8. Avoid take lip fillers too regularly

Taking lip fillers too regularly is another dangerous thing. You don’t need to take lip fillers often if you want to stay it longer. You just need to attend top-ups and appointments whenever your lip need. Too much lip filling can harm your skin. You won’t be able to get what actually you want.

You need to take appointments or top-ups after two to four weeks, sometimes six weeks. This is suitable time period for check ups. Before that, you don’t need to do that. And if you can maintain this in a regular basis, your lip fillers will last longer for sure.

9. Protect your skin from sun

Take good care of skin is helpful. Besides, taking good care of your skin from sun is another important issue which you should be concerned about. Make sure you use a sunscreen with a SPF. This will help to protect your skin from sun and UV rays. You can use this method for about 30 days regularly. You can use this on your filled lips as an aftercare routine.

Try to avoid going outside in the sun. But if you have to go outside, you must use sunglasses, hat or umbrella. By doing this skin care routine, you can also protect your lips from the harmful effects of the sun. And gradually, you can get a last longer filled lips.

10. Do your research properly

Before doing anything to your lips, the main thing which you should think is to do a proper research. Because, without knowing much about lip fillers and botox, you won’t get the perfect and suitable filling on your lips. So, researching about the lip filling process is a must.

They say, safety comes first. If you won’t do a proper research, your lips will be harmed. And if you won’t get proper safety, there is no use of getting such a thing. So, maintain the safety first and for that, research well. And by doing all of those things, you can get a perfect filled lips which will stay longer.



Do whatever you like. But remember ONE thing! Safety comes first. If you want the perfect shape of your lips, maintain the rules of lip fillers. Protect your lips from sun burn and harmful UV rays. Take right care of your lips. That’s how, you can get the suitable and wantable lips.

Do a good research of lip fillers and botox processes. Because without knowing much about it, you might get a DISASTER! So, first thing you have to do is to know all of the things about lip fillers which is helpful. After knowing that, you can now start the process and get the perfect lips.

Filling your lips is your choice. And let you know much about lip fillers is ours. Do your lip filling according to your choice as well as the structure of your skin. We hope that we can help you out and let you know the basic important things about lip fillers and how it can stay longer. Try to maintain those things. Love yourself and be gentle to your skin!

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