How to Overcome a Sugar Addiction?

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Giving sweetness to someone on the holidays, we wish that person’s life has the same sweet, like a gift. But in fact, the life of a Sugar Addicted is not that much “in chocolate”, as some people may think. Most people are well aware of how bad could be the consequences of addiction to sugar, however, simply can not cope with the desire to be pampered with sweets and cakes. Everyone can solve this problem and Overcome a Sugar Addiction by following 4 easy steps, performing some of the recommendations of scientists in this article below.

During the sugar ingestion, our brain produces the so-called dopamine. It is a substance that is very necessary for our bod, because thanks to dopamine we are able to get pleasure from life. The lack of it can cause not only a bad mood, and shaking hands, but then Parkinson’s disease. The main problem is that human’s body adapts quickly to the substance and needs even a greater dose. Thus, it is developing something akin to drug addiction. Once you have learned about this fact, you will understand why some are so eager to eat as much as possible of these goodies?

To solve the Sugar Addiction problem is hard enough, and for some people it could be even impossible. But there are some ancillary products and habits that can at least reduce the desire to return to the sweet again and again.

1. Cinnamon

How to Overcome a Sugar AddictionCinnamon helps to solve sugar addition problem. Cinnamon controls the insulin resistance by activating genes that are directly related to metabolic signaling. Simply it helps to control a concentration rate of  sugar in the body. Half of a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can help solve the problem of sugar addiction.

2. Chromium

How to Overcome a Sugar AddictionChromium is no less important to optimize the concentration of insulin in the blood. It is not ony necessary for prevent insulin spikes and cope with dependence on sweets, but also helps to maintain health and energy in our body. The chromium is in the nature of broccoli, potatoes, beans, and cereal, meat, and vegetables and fruits. If all this is still not enough, you need every day (preferably in the morning), drink 200 mcg of chromium. Such a quantity of the substance will help to solve the sweet attraction problem.

3. Protein

How to Overcome a Sugar AddictionYou need a balanced diet. Eat the food, which contains protein.

4. Balanced sleep

How to Overcome a Sugar AddictionBalanced sleep. It is proved that the body due to lack of sleep necessary carbohydrates, particularly sweets. Remember these simple tips, and then your craving for sweets will not be harmful to you.

Control your sweet addiction and stay healthy!

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