Imagine, you are done with your microblading recently but you realize that it doesn’t suit on your face at all. What will you do now? You definitely want to change or remove it. But how can you do this even when you don’t know the process? Well, you need to know the processes and that’s why we are here to help you out of this problem.

But the fact is the processes which are used in beauty centers aren’t possible. It is because the processes of microblading are performed by experienced doctors. And if you want to do it alone, you might harm yourself. But all you can do DIYs. You can apply some techniques at home such as home remedy to remove microblading in some simple and easy steps.

And to know more about it, take a look at some techniques which we are going to share with you hereafter.


What is microblading?

To know the method of microblading, at first, you should know the definition of this process. It is because you can’t apply any remedy on your skin without knowing the definition of it.

So, microblading is basically a technique that adds some pigment to the upper part of the skin. Generally, the process takes place without any tool or any kind of machine. Microblading is not more profound than tattoo but it looks like this because of its pigment. It helps to get the shape done of eyebrows in a perfect way. And thus, it looks more accurate and well-shaped as well.

It generally lasts for 2-3 years. So, apparently, it will last longer. It will look pigmented and nice in looks.

Learn more about microblading


Methods for removing microblading at home

How to remove microblading at homeWe can see some easy and simple DIYs which we can do at home. You can get a simple removal process and remove the unwanted microblading pigmented eyebrows at home. And to know the processes, let’s see the methods step by step.

#1. Sea Salt

Using sea salt is easy and effective for removing microblading. It can remove eyebrow tattoo easily at home. You can use it for a week or more than a week. And to use this, you will need:

  • Sea salt
  • Lukewarm water
  • Clean cotton pads

Step 1

Take sea salt and Luke warm water and mix these two things together.

Step 2

Take 2 cotton pads and soak well with this water mixture.

Step 3

Clean the unwanted area with these pads.

Step 4

Leave it for 2-3 minutes and after that, rinse off with clean water.


#2. Baking soda

Baking soda helps to get rid of the pigment of the microblading. It will remove the extra pigment of it and thus remove the artificial eyebrow pigment. And to use this method with baking soda, you will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Dishwashing liquid soap
  • Cotton pads

Step 1

Take lemon juice, baking soda, and dishwashing soap together in a bowl and mix it well.

Step 2

Take cotton pads and soak it in the solution.

Step 3

After soaking it for a while, apply this to the unwanted microblading area and rinse off with clean water after few minutes.


#3. Rosehip seed oil

And for this remedy, you will just need rosehip seed oil. You can find it in any departmental store or any other random markets. Take a look at the processes of it.

Step 1

Take 2-3 drops of the oil and apply it to the unwanted microblading area of your skin and gently rub it.

Step 2

A message with this oil in a circular motion

Step 3

Use 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks and see better results.


#4. Warm shower

This is another easy and simple trick to remove eyebrow tattoo or microblading. Taking a warm shower will reduce the density of the microblading. It is an easy home remedy with zero side effects. Let’s see the accurate method of taking warm shower.

Step 1

Warm the water on medium heat.

Step 2

Make sure your body can tolerate the heat of that water.

Step 3

Continue this process for about the next 5 days. Try to take warm showers twice a day for better results.


One of the most easiest way is using cleansing water. You can also use cleansing water to removeĀ  any kinds of makeup.


What you should avoid for the new microblading

Applying these processes is easy. But to do it in a perfect way and also maintain it is difficult. You should know some of the forbidden things to get the ultimate removal of your microblading. It’s important to know because if you won’t be notified of the side effects of it and you just do it at your home without knowing the type of your skin; you can ruin or burn your skin very easily.

Though your skin is sensitive, you should be aware of the things which we are going to describe hereafter.

  1. Make sure your body can tolerate the effects of sea salt. If not, AVOID it!
  2. Avoid using baking soda multiple times if it irritates you.
  3. Make sure the heat of water is suitable for your skin. Otherwise, it will cause great damage to the skin.
  4. Don’t behave roughly to the skin as it is sensitive.
  5. Avoid using thick, heavy makeup if you don’t want any complications to the skin.
  6. Do not retouch it.


Final Thoughts

No matter which method you use for your removal of the microblading, make sure it won’t harm you at all. It is because safety comes FIRST! If you can’t be saved, it is of no use to take such a step to ruin your skin ultimately.

Microblading process is sensitive. Removing it is more sensitive than this. That’s why, before applying any kind of method at home, know well about the processes. You can go online and search more to learn more about it. The main concern is to reach the goal without hurting your skin. Do whatever you want to do but make sure it won’t harm yourself anyhow.

Be aware that you won’t blame yourself later. And if you do any DIY, you should be aware of its side effects too. So, learn more about it apply on your skin and keep enhancing your beauty!

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