How to Backcomb Your Hair?

Who doesn’t want to look stylish? I guess nobody does it. Everyone wants to look good in their own way. But not every person knows the techniques of it. If you apply the right technique, you also can look gorgeous in a simple way.

For looking gorgeous and stylish, there are many things that you should be concerned about. But the main part is the hair. If the hair looks beautiful, you also look beautiful. But if the hair looks clumsy and not organized, you won’t look good in that. So, style your hair in simple and easy steps to look elegant.

You might have some questions in your mind. You might think, “In what way I can style my hair? What style should I use? What kind of products should I use?” There is lot of confusion might roll on your mind. This is natural to think of. But still you have to clear it out.

Before styling your hair, you have to know some basic information about this topic. It is because without knowing the facts you can’t get the perfect look. Besides, you can protect your hair from damaging. So, at first, let’s check those things.

What is Backcombing?

Backcombing is basically to comb your hair backward. The hair is to be combed in the back direction. It is just a technique to look your hair more fluffy and well-voluminous. By combing your hair in the back direction, it can create clusters and teases. And that’s how it can create a thicker look on your hair.

You can simply backcomb anywhere you want. You can backcomb to the upper side as well as the roots of it. This can create extra lift to your hair. And that’s how you can get the perfect voluminous hair which you want. So, backcombing is effective in that way. It’s an old technique that is used to get volume in hair. So, you can also try this out to get a stunning look.

Preparing your hair

Before starting the backcombing process or any other kind of process, you need to prepare your hair first. It is because if you won’t do it, you can’t get the perfect look what you actually want. So, at first, prepare your hair and then applying the other techniques.

And for that, we are going to describe the method of preparing your hair in a simple and easy way which will create a boost to your hair. Let’s take a look at these preparations!

  1. Wash your hair with a good quality of volumizing shampoo. You can also use a “clarifying” shampoo. It also can give you more volume to your hair. This helps to clean all the oils and conditioning facts which can reduce the volume of the hair. Make sure you don’t use the shampoo which is made for dry scalp. It is because it contains a conditioner that might flat your hair. Otherwise, you can use a moisturizing shampoo if you have damaged hair.
  1. Use a conditioner that contains a volumizing effect. But you can skip this fact as it moisturized your hair and that’s why it gets flatter. If you don’t have damaged hair yet, you definitely skip this option to keep the volume on your hair.
  2. Choose a good quality serum. It will help to reduce the damage which causes it because of backcombing. Take an essential amount of the product and gently apply on your hair. Massage it well. This will be a good decision to use it.
  3. You can use a volumizing gel for your hair. Start applying from the root and slightly spread all over the ends. To get the best result, use this gel with a brush and apply it evenly to all over the hair.
  4. To get more volume naturally, turn your head upside down when you are starting blow-drying. It can help to create more volume to your hair and make it like weightless. Make sure you set the blow dryer at low temperature. This will create volume naturally and prevent damage which occurs for heat.

Method of Backcomb your hair

To solve your dilemma and to help you out, we are here to describe to you about all the styling method which you can easily apply. So, let’s see what these steps are!

You will need:

  • A fine-toothed Backcomb Brush

Step 1

Method of Backcomb your hairTo start backcombing, take a small section from the middle part of your head and brush this up. It will be probably one inch thick in size. Pull it in front of your face and hold it with a clip. Then take another section from the backside of the first section and take it to the same size as before. Brush it up well.

Step 2

Then use hairspray on these sections. By applying this, you can protect your hair from backcombing damage. Take the sections one by one and hold it towards the ceiling. Then spray the hairspray on the entire part of it including the roots.

Step 3

Take a fine-toothed Backcomb Brush and slightly backcomb your hair. It’s very important to use a thin comb. Otherwise, it won’t work well. So, take the comb and just push it down very gently. You don’t need to push very quickly. Just gently backcomb it.

Make sure you start backcombing from two to three inches from the hair root. Again go back in and hold it and push down. Repeat the push-down process three to four times. Take another section and repeat the same thing again. Repeat again and again until you are sure that your hair is being thick enough.

Step 4

Use a little amount of hairspray on your backcombed section. Then slightly try to place it well. This hairspray method can help the hair to be in place and also protect the hair from damage.

Step 5

The next step is to comb the upper part of the hair and smooth it. This is important to cover your teased hair and it can look organized and perfect as well. When you are doing this, make sure you won’t do this method in your teased section. This will simply undo the teased hair and your hard work will be in vain.

Step 6

At the final step, apply the hairspray on the smoothened hair. It helps to place the whole hairstyle in place. Put it gently to your hair to get a final look. It provides you the simple yet elegant look which you want.


  1. Use hairspray to get more organized hair. This can help the hair to be in place.
  2. You can use any kind of hair serum before starting the backcombing process. It helps to protect your hair from any kind of damage.
  3. You don’t need to divide your hair into sections at that time. It’s not compulsory at all. Wherever you want a volume, you can just brush it off in a back direction and get the thicker look.
  4. Before doing this method, make sure your hair is well-brushed and clean as well. You must shampoo your hair before going through this process.
  5. Try to avoid conditioning your hair if you haven’t any damaged hair yet. It is because the conditioner helps to soften the hair and reduce the volume of it.
  6. If you want to curl your hair, make these curls before starting the backcombing process. It is because curling the hair after backcombing can reduce the volume and make it flatter than before.

How to undo backcombed hair?

So, you have nailed it with your stylish hair all day and night and all the people loved it. But what now! It’s time to get rid of this teased hair which is the most difficult part to think about.

After applying all the styling methods and processes, at the end of the day, you have to release the BACKCOMB. Now, what should you do? Well, you might think it’s difficult but it’s super easy to undo it.

And for doing this, you just need a thick-toothed brush. Take off all the clips and other accessories and then take the sections one by one. Then brush it with that thick brush. Here it is! It’s simple and easy as well.

You can also do a thing. Wash your hair well with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you rinse off well after completing the washing process. You can use lukewarm water. In the end, use a serum for complete nourishment.

This process can help you to protect your hair from split ends, hair damage and hair breakage. Try this out if you want no more damage after backcombing.

Is it bad to Backcomb your hair?

How to Backcomb Your HairWhen you are backcombing your hair, the question is rolling on your mind if it damaged your hair or not. And if it is damaged, is it okay to backcombing your hair or not?  There are several questions you may find in your mind. Let’s try to solve this out.

Backcombing is something that creates volume by combing your hair in a backward motion. You don’t comb the hair from root to end but from end to root, simply in a back direction. This is called teasing.

It is an old technique to get a volume to the hair. But is it okay to do it? The answer is it totally not a safe technique for your hair. It’s damageable. It creates a lot of damages to the hair. Though we know, the hair has a cell on it. The cells cover the hair and protect from any harmful effects. When the hair is going through to the backcomb processes, it is being combed through the opposite direction of the cells. And that’s why it creates damage.

Though, we can’t deny that it creates a successful volume to the hair. YES, it does. You can give a boost to the hair wherever and whenever you want. You can rock it all the time by applying this simple method. But it does damage your hair and it’s damn true. So, we can say, it is not good for backcombing your hair as it damages more than you can imagine.

But there is a SOLUTION! If you can prepare your hair before going through this process and take proper care of it after doing it, you can save your hair. And for this, you can simply oil your hair to get rid of damages. Otherwise, use a good quality shampoo and also conditioner. Remember; don’t skip the CONDITIONER part if you have damages.

You can also use mousses and root booster to style your hair and also protect it. Make sure you use it in a proper way. Otherwise, it can’t give you the perfect result which it is able to give and which you really want. So, be careful of that thing first.

Final Thoughts

Many people think that backcombing in an up-down direction is the process. But it’s NOT! It completely damages the hair to an extreme level. So, before beginning to any process like this one, you have to get cleared about these things first.

Styling your hair is good, even best when it gives you happiness. But you have to be sure about the protection fact of your hair. Only styling is not an option. And if you style your hair in the wrong way, you will regret your mistakes for sure. So, at first, you should gain the ultimate knowledge then you can think to style your hair by backcombing.

We just want to say that DON’T is harsh on your hair. You don’t need to do backcombing in a quick and harsh way. You can do this in a simple and gentle way. This also can make good volume on your hair and create less damage.

Take care of these facts and be careful of damaging them. Rock the world with your voluminous and stylish hair and be simple, be gentle!



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